600 Machine Cutting Compound - Streak Free


600 MACHINE CUTTING COMPOUND™ is a high-quality, medium mesh, machine cutting compound with fast-acting results. It removes dead or badly oxidized metallic and silver paints. It can also be used as a cleaner and for removing overspray. 600 MACHINE CUTTING COMPOUND™ is excellent for preparing the surface for all paint sealants.


Silicone-free - Good for removing overspray

Time Saver - Smoothes rough surfaces

Replaces wet/600 sanding - Buffs to a high gloss


*Read MSDS before using.

*Apply enough compound to cover a 2x2 area. Use a compounding pad or a brush to spread it uniformly OVER THE SURFACE

*Polish with a slow-speed polisher (1500-2500 RPM) and a Production SW-9™ polishing pad. Keep the polisher moving in a circular motion with sufficient pressure to allow the compound to do an efficient job of cutting. As the gloss develops, reduce the polisher pressure to produce a high gloss.

*Caution: To minimize the possibility of staining, do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a warm surface. To avoid burning while compounding, keep the polisher moving and do not let the surface dry.

After Compound

*Apply AX313 Auto Wax™ by hand or Film Polish Clearer or Phase II Wax Crème™ by machine, equipped with a Production C-17™ or 747™ cutting pad to fill swirl marks and increase the surface gloss. These three products will also remove any remaining compound.